Firearms Information


CT Residents purchasing firearms must possess the proper State of Connecticut Permit for the type of firearm purchased. All firearms must be picked up IN OUR STORE by the ACTUAL BUYER of the firearm, in accordance with Federal and State Regulations. Normal background examinations and processes are applicable to all firearm purchases prior to transfer.

Out of State purchasers of firearms will be contacted via email to obtain information for shipment. WE WILL ONLY SHIP FIREARMS to properly licensed FFL DEALERS Out of State.


Firearms listed for sale online are subject to availability and prior sale in-store. While we make every effort to ensure that inventory availability is accurate, due to the state of supply and unprecedented demand, there is a slight chance that the firearm purchased may not be available at the time of purchase. We make every effort to ensure that this is not the case but unfortunately due to the current state of affairs, this is a possibility.

Only rifles, pistols, shotguns, frames and receivers are available for shipment out of state to FFL dealers. CT Others will not be shipped and must be transferred in-store to eligible and properly licensed persons, in accordance with CT State Law.

We are able to special order firearms. Delivery time varies based on availability. All special orders must be paid in full. If we are unable to order the firearm with confidence of delivery within 90 days, a full refund will be issued.



We accept inbound transfers for firearms purchased out of state. The seller of the firearm must contact us to arrange for the transfer to our store. We accept transfers of firearms from out of state from FFL HOLDERS ONLY and do not accept incoming transfers of firearms shipped to us from individuals. ALL TRANSFERS FROM INDIVIDUALS MUST BE COMPLETED IN PERSON.

Please contact us to arrange transfer BEFORE having your firearm shipped to our store. We can be reached at or during business hours at (203) 741-8225.