Stealth Mode Glock 43/43X Kydex Inside the Waistband Holster - Custom Molded

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The Stealth Mode Kydex Inside the Waistband Holster

THIS DOES NOT FIT THE 43X MOS with an Optic Installed

Every day when you hear the comforting sound of your gun clicking into The Stealth Mode Holster by Relentless Tactical, you will instantly know that you have the retention that you need to get through the day. The adjustable angle of the clip helps to make sure your weapon is right where you want it to be when you need it most. The custom molded .08” Kydex provides plenty of strength and protection while still allowing for a thin profile with minimum printing and maximum concealability. The 1.5” ABS clip is strong enough to grab on to your favorite gun belt and never let go, but still discreet enough for everyday use. A comfortable and safe daily carry holster you can depend on. The Stealth Mode Holster offers a raised sweat shield for added comfort and practicality by protecting the finish of your firearm and making for a smoother re-holster. You’re going to want to show off your Stealth Mode Holster, but keep it in your pants! The Stealth Mode Holster is only designed for inside the waistband concealed carry.

Each and every Relentless Tactical product is covered by our famous Lifetime Warranty, and The Stealth Mode Holster is no exception.
If you want to fly under the radar give The Stealth Mode Kydex IWB holster by Relentless Tactical a try today.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review